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TeraGauge 5000

Introducing TeraGauge, the cutting-edge solution for precise non-contact thickness measurement of a wide range of materials.

With TeraGauge, you can accurately measure the thickness of multiple layers in materials like plastic bottles, preforms, rubber, ceramics, composites, glass, wood, and plastic web and sheet. Say goodbye to guesswork and ensure consistent quality.

Detect hidden defects and sub-surface voids with TeraGauge. Identify irregularities that are not visible to the naked eye and ensure the integrity of your products. Peace of mind, right at your fingertips.

TeraGauge offers non-destructive testing capabilities, allowing you to measure and analyze without damaging your valuable materials. Save time, reduce waste, and streamline your quality control process.

Whether your materials are opaque or transparent, TeraGauge delivers reliable and precise measurements. Achieve superior accuracy and flexibility across a wide range of materials.

Experience the power of non-contact, high-speed measurement with TeraGauge. Effortlessly measure thickness without physically touching the materials. Boost productivity and efficiency in your operations.

TeraGauge utilizes non-ionizing TeraHertz radiation, ensuring the safety of your operators and the environment. Feel confident in using a technology that prioritizes the well-being of your team.

Experience the unmatched precision and reliability of TeraGauge. Take control of your quality control processes and unlock new insights for product development.


Multi-layer true thickness measurement

Sub-surface void detection

Non-destructive test

Terahertz spectroscopy

Hidden object detection

Product inspection

Material characterization

Measures opaque and transparent materials

Non-contact, high-speed measurement

Non-ionizing terahertz Radiation

Manufacturing quality control

Coating and thin film analysis

Additives analysis

Electronic chip fault analysis

Material identification

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