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TeTechS is a data and technology provider to plastic packaging companies, enabling them to save resin in real-time during production.

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A Decades-Old Problem

Operators of extrusion blow molding lines generally use manual thickness measurement gauges like MagnaMike to obtain thickness distribution data for their products. They use this data to maintain the thickness values and ultimately product weight within a sub-optimal target tolerance range. These manual processes suffer from the following fundamental problems:

Infrequent measurements

Unreliable data

Weak digital connectivity

Human intervention

Weak data presentation

Open loop process

Inferior gauge R&R

Manual and labor intensive

Prone to human error

Small number of points

Small batch samples

Long reaction time

How RSS Fixes It?

Our resin saving solution (RSS) fixes all the above problems. It automatically provides reliable, precise, and easy to use real-time thickness distribution data on many points on the product enabling the operator to maintain thickness values and product weight in a tighter target tolerance range within the product specs and avoid resin overuse. It is a fully automated and digitally connected standalone turnkey system operates at the factory floor with no disruption to the production flow and does not require any changes to be made to the production line.

What Extra Benefits RSS Offers?

Increased profitability

Product sustainability

Data driven decision making

Industry 4.0 compatibility

Real-time process control

Reduction in plastic waste

Process automation

Remote support service

Save Resin

Use real-time data and avoid resin overuse

Save Money

Increase profits for your EBM production lines

Save the Planet

Deliver sustainable plastics packaging solutions

Let's collaborate to build you a resin saving solution that fits your needs and adds to your plant's profitability.

Case Study

Find out the potential savings for a typical extrusion blow molding production line producing rigid plastic containers.


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