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PlastiMeasure is a fully automated non-destructive thickness measurement system for plastic bottles, containers and preforms. TeTechS’ PlastiMeasure is revolutionizing thickness measurement quality control practices in plastic manufacturing industry by leveraging the unique characteristics of its core terahertz measurement technology to automatically and non-destructively measure barrier layer thickness and overall wall thickness in both opaque and translucent plastics with the push of a button.

Replacing archaic measuring techniques

Until now, plastic bottle and container manufacturers have been limited by labor intensive (and in many cases destructive) thickness measurement quality control practices. Archaic techniques such as the Hall effect gauges are contact based and offer poor gauge repeatability and reproducibility while only capable of measuring overall wall thickness – something that is insufficient when a multi-layer structure is involved. Another poor technique is manual cutting and measuring of plastic bottles, which  is destructive, wasteful and susceptible to human error.

Revolutionizing Thickness Measurement

Now you can conduct repeatable and reproducible measurements.

Users of PlastiMeasure can conduct repeatable and reproducible measurements of both mono-layer and multi-layer plastic bottles and containers in a matter of seconds to ultimately save time, lower costs, reduce waste and improve customer satisfaction.

Precision with a push of a button

Add speed and accuracy to your manufacturing floor.

Powered by TeraGauge™, PlastiMeasure is a fully automated and turnkey measurement solution that demonstrates both speed and precision to provide thickness measurement with an accuracy of 0.00004″ (1 micron) and a typical gauge R&R <5% with just the push of a button.

Integrate PlastiMeasure into your manufacturing process with ease.

Get real-time data on the plant floor.

PlastiMeasure is adaptable to the factory data management systems and statistical process control (SPC) platforms to automatically transfer and save all the measurement data on designated database.

Automatic feeder options are available for batch-to-batch measurements.

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