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TeTechS Measurement Kit for Research and Development

TeTechS’ terahertz measurement kit is used by researchers to custom build their terahertz time-domain measurement setups. Complete with the highest quality components such as a Toptica femto-second laser and  TeTechS’ photoconductive antennas, the kit allows for optimal realization of transmission and reflection measurement configurations. This selection of components has been extensively tested and designed to save researchers time and money while also providing them with the flexibility to choose the right set of components to fit their specific measurement needs.

T-Era Photoconductive Antennas

The kit comes complete with two TeTechS T-Era photoconductive antennas, enabling researchers to achieve new levels of low noise performance among terahertz sources and detectors and ultimately achieve superior system dynamic range and discrimination.


TeTechS’ T-Era series terahertz photoconductive antennas are used to generate and detect electromagnetic waves at the terahertz frequencies for imaging, spectroscopy and sensing applications.  T-Era chips are made on ultra-fast and highly-resistive low-temperature grown GaAs semiconductors and are packaged inside patented enclosure designs, making the chips superior in performance and easy to use. TeTechS’ T-Era photoconductive antennas achieve new levels of low noise performance among terahertz sources and detectors, to achieve superior system dynamic range and discrimination. T-Era series terahertz photoconductive antennas allow researchers and technologists to build their own terahertz spectroscopy and imaging measurement setups with superior performance and revisit their scientific and technological problems under the light of terahertz waves.

TeTechS’ air-coupled T-Era series terahertz photoconductive antennas are used in the measurement kit to generate and detect terahertz waves.

How to identify organic materials using Terahertz Waves

Measuring Kit Components
"In search of a cost-effective, turn-key system to outfit my new lab at the University of Chester, I was drawn to TeTechS’ air-coupled kit for both quality and affordability. From placing my order to getting started with the kit, I was impressed not just with the product, but with the outstandingly high level of service I received from the TeTechS team who provided guidance and feedback throughout the entirety of the seemingly seamless process."
Dr. Bin Yang, Senior Lecturer in Electronic and Electrical Engineering
University of Chester
System Specifications:

Excitation Laser:  780 nm, 40 mW, 100 fs

Measurement Modalities: Transmission & Reflection

Transmitter Module: T-Era-100A-800-air

Receiver Module: T-Era-20D40P-800-air

Average Optical Power on Transmitter: 15 mW

Average Optical Power on Receiver: 15 mW

Bias Voltage on Transmitter: ± 50V square wave

Terahertz Peak Measured Photocurrent: >30 nA

Terahertz Spectrum Bandwidth: >5 THz

Power Spectrum Dynamic Range: >70 dB

Typical Scan Time: 2-5 min

Output Examples

Example of a measured high bandwidth terahertz signal and its power spectrum with the kit produced in 5 min.

Example of a high terahertz signal with 80 dB dynamic range measured with the kit.

Example of reflection measurements obtained with the measurement kit: (top) Echo pulses off a multi-layer plastic sample, (bottom) Echo pulses off a 1 mm thick high-resistive silicon wafer.

Example of a spectroscopy measurement of organic powders with the measurement kit.