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Leave Archaic Measurement Techniques Behind

Automate Your QC Lab

Until now, plastic bottle and container manufacturers have been limited by labor intensive (and in many cases destructive) thickness measurement quality control practices. Existing techniques such as the Hall effect gauges are contact based and offer poor gauge repeatability and reproducibility while only capable of measuring overall wall thickness – something that is insufficient when a multi-layer structure is involved. Another poor technique is manual cutting and measuring of plastic bottles, which is destructive, wasteful and susceptible to human error. These manual processes suffer from the following fundamental problems:

Infrequent measurements

Unreliable data

Weak digital connectivity

Human intervention

Weak data presentation

Open loop process

Inferior gauge R&R

Manual and labor intensive

Prone to human error

Small number of points

Small batch samples

Long reaction time

On average, every dollar spent on PlastiMeasure solution saves $3.3 for the plant on an ongoing basis.

Maximize Your ROI with a Multi-Station Solution

Package several QC functions into a single automated solution.

We combine PlastiMeasure with other QC functions such as weight measurement, OD/ID, and sprue gate measurements. This is a flexible multi-station integrated solution that meets your plant’s current and future needs and maximizes your return-on-investment. 

Achieve Precision, Speed, and Connectivity

Add speed, accuracy, and digital connectivity to your production floor.

Powered by our patented TeraGauge™  technology, PlastiMeasure is a fully automated and connected measurement solution that demonstrates both speed and precision to provide thickness measurement with an accuracy of 0.00004″ (1 micron) and a typical gauge R&R <5% .

Bring High Quality Data into Your Process

Have access to reliable real-time thickness distribution data at your plant floor.

PlastiMeasure is adaptable to the factory data management systems and statistical process control (SPC) platforms to automatically transfer all the measurement data to a designated database. Managers are able to log and monitor the status of the machine anywhere at anytime.

Multi-point measurement recipes for each product type can be easily programmed and added to the machine. The operator simply chooses the right recipe on the HMI and runs the measurement.

Users of PlastiMeasure can conduct repeatable and reproducible measurements of both mono-layer and multi-layer plastic bottles and containers in a matter of seconds to ultimately save time, lower costs, reduce waste and improve customer satisfaction.

It's time to automate your QC Lab

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