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PlastiMeasure 1000

The PM1000TM multi-layer thickness measurement system is proven to be perfectly suited for non-contact, non-ionizing, and non-destructive thickness measurement of opaque and translucent plastic bottles and preforms. Specially designed for industrial use, PM1000TM can see through multi-layer preforms to measure their individual layer thickness at a speed of up to 5 measurement points per second. The system can also be used to measure multi-layer opaque and translucent plastic bottles and plastic containers.


The extraordinarily high dynamic response and the outstanding signal-to-noise ratio of the PM1000 sensors ensure the best measuring results on surfaces with different reflectivity and from different angles.


Key Features:


  • Multi-layer High Precision Thickness Measurement
  • Non-destructive Test
  • Measures Opaque and Translucent Materials
  • Non-contact, high-speed Measurement
  • Turn-key System
  • Safe Radiation


  • Thickness Measurement Multi-Layer Preforms
  • Barrier Layer Thickness Measurement

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