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TeTechS is a data and technology provider to plastic packaging companies, enabling them to save resin in real-time during production.

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PlastiMeasure 3000

Measure as many points as required with precision & speed. Typcially 2-3 seconds per measurment point. Having real-time data allows the operators to react quicker and make adjustments faster than before which reduces scrap and production down time.
PlastiMeasure gives companies more visibility into the quality control processes. With real-time data connectivity to the plant’s SPC controller, managers are able to log and monitor the status of the machine anywhere at anytime.
THICKNESS MEASUREMENT Measures both overall wall thickness and EVOH oxygen barrier layer thickness with +/-1 μm of accuracy
WEIGHT MEASUREMENT Records the weight of each container with 0.1 g of accuracy
DIMENSION MEASUREMENT Automates OD/ID and length measurement with +/-10 μm of accuracy
CAVITY NUMBER RECORDING Records and saves cavity number of each part for data traceability


Bottle Wall Check (HDPE,PP,PET)

EVOH Barrier Thickness Measurement

Bottle Weight & Dimension

OD/ID Measurement

Optimize expensive resin usage

Free up staff time for higher value tasks

Bring high quality data in to your process

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