Measurement Kit for Research and Development

TeTechS’ terahertz measurement kit is used by researchers to custom build their terahertz time-domain measurement setups. Complete with the highest quality components such as a Toptica femto-second laser and  TeTechS’ photoconductive antennas, the kit allows for optimal realization of transmission and reflection measurement configurations. This selection of components has been extensively tested and designed to save researchers time and money while also providing them with the flexibility to choose the right set of components to fit their specific measurement needs.

Schematic of the measurement kit

The kit comes complete with two TeTechS T-Era photoconductive antennas, enabling researchers to achieve new levels of low noise performance among terahertz sources and detectors and ultimately achieve superior system dynamic range and discrimination.

Example of a measured high bandwidth terahertz signal and its power spectrum with the kit produced in 5 min.

Example of a high terahertz signal with 80 dB dynamic range measured with the kit.


System Specifications:

Excitation Laser                                               780 nm, 40 mW, 100 fs
Measurement Modalities                               Transmission & Reflection
Transmitter Module                                        T-Era-100A-800-air
Receiver Module                                               T-Era-20D40P-800-air
Average Optical Power on Transmitter        15 mW
Average Optical Power on Receiver              15 mW
Bias Voltage on Transmitter                           ± 50V square wave
Terahertz Peak Measured Photocurrent      >30 nA
Terahertz Spectrum Bandwidth                    >5 THz
Power Spectrum Dynamic Range                 >70 dB
Typical Scan Time                                            2-5 min


Example of a spectroscopy measurement of organic powders with the measurement kit

Example of reflection measurements obtained with the measurement kit: (top) Echo pulses off a multi-layer plastic sample, (bottom) Echo pulses off a 1 mm thick high-resistive silicon wafer.

Example of an obtained terahertz image with the measurement kit

TeTechS’ T-Era series terahertz photoconductive antennas are used to generate and detect electromagnetic waves at the terahertz frequencies for imaging, spectroscopy and sensing applications.  T-Era chips are made on ultra-fast and highly-resistive low-temperature grown GaAs semiconductors and are packaged inside patented enclosure designs, making the chips superior in performance and easy to use. TeTechS’ T-Era photoconductive antennas achieve new levels of low noise performance among terahertz sources and detectors, to achieve superior system dynamic range and discrimination. T-Era series terahertz photoconductive antennas allow researchers and technologists to build their own terahertz spectroscopy and imaging measurement setups with superior performance and revisit their scientific and technological problems under the light of terahertz waves.

TeTechS’ air-coupled T-Era series terahertz photoconductive antennas are used in the measurement kit to generate and detect terahertz waves.


The terahertz measurement kit is an amazing tool for McGill students to visualize optical phenomena by measuring the electric field of light directly in the time domain. Interference optics can be made and measured by the students using everyday items like plastic bags, due to the ~100 micron wavelength scale of THz light. Students interacted only with eye-safe, non-ionizing THz light and the system was robust and alignment-free for the entire semester with ~40 students playing. Diffraction, Gaussian beam optics, polarization and time domain spectroscopy can all be explored in a very hands-on way. We are quite happy with the system.

Prof. David Cooke, Associate professor
Director of the Centre for the Physics of Materials
McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Publication Example


The pursuit of academic research to push the frontiers of science necessitates researchers to look for vendors to facilitate and support their scientific ambitions. Selecting TeTechS as the vendor for our terahertz needs was the best decision since we are new to this area. They strive in helping and supporting us through emails, phone calls, and sharing resources. They are very knowledgeable and very eager to share their knowledge to guide us. TeTechS genuinely is interested in our success and they spare no effort to make sure we are progressing on the right path. What really stood up to me throughout our interactions with them is they are not trying to push products or services on us, they are really trying to help us within the limited resources we have. Any academic or industrial institutions that are looking to leverage the power of terahertz must seriously consider TeTechS. In my opinion, TeTechS embodies the attributes of the ‘perfect’ academic-industry partnership.

Prof. George Youssef, Ph.D., P.E.
Experimental Mechanics Laboratory
San Diego State University, California, USA


TeTechS’ terahertz measurement kit is a great new addition to my lab at the Physics Department of Stony Brook University. I was initially drawn to the kit for the top-quality components and attractive price tag but the outstanding customer service and technical support I received only confirmed I made the right decision to purchase this system. What’s more, once I was set-up and using the kit, I was amazed at the excellent signal-to-noise ratio that the included PCAs enabled me to achieve. The great flexibility of the system allows us to modify it for our multi-purpose experiments including far-field THz transmission and reflection spectroscopy as well as near-field THz microscopy.

Dr. Mengkun Liu
State University of New York – Stony Brook University
Department of Physics & Astronomy

Example Measurement Data Published by Dr. Liu’s Team


In search of a cost-effective, turn-key system to outfit my new lab at the University of Chester, I was drawn to TeTechS’ air-coupled kit for both quality and affordability. From placing my order to getting started with the kit, I was impressed not just with the product, but with the outstandingly high level of service I received from the TeTechS team who provided guidance and feedback throughout the entirety of the seemingly seamless process.

Dr. Bin Yang
Senior Lecturer in Electronic and Electrical Engineering

University of Chester

Example Measurement Data Published by Dr. Yang’s Team
Publication by Dr. Yang’s Team


TeTechS’ T-Era series THz photoconductive antennas generate and detect single-cycle THz pulses whose bandwidths exceed 4 THz. The customized gold pad design realized onto the chips, further push the previous trade-off limit between bandwidth and power towards higher levels, already at low average laser powers. In addition, the ease in exciting the antennas with lasers in free-space makes the T-Era series the best choice ever for THz applications in compact and portable solutions, for example the realization of the active waveguides recently pursued by my group.

Professor Roberto Morandotti, Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique (INRS-EMT), Varennes, Canada


I’ve recently purchased and incorporated TeTechS’ free space photoconductive antennas for use in my Terahertz Time-Domain Spectrometer. The signal to noise ratio I am able to achieve far exceeds any other PCA I have previously used. It’s no surprise that the total THz power emitted from my TeTechS PCAs is also greater than others I have previously measured. Other than great quality of operation, installation is also made easy by the threaded body of the PCA and simple SMA connector for antenna bias. The option for new or alternate antenna chips for a fraction of the cost of the full system is also a great feature that I have utilized in the TeTechS free space PCA. Overall this product is great in both quality of spectra as well as ease of use.
Zachary Thacker, Post-Doctoral Fellow,
University of Missouri, Columbia