About TeTechS:

TeTechS is a data and technology provider to plastic packaging companies enabling them to save resin in real-time during production. Current plastic packaging production lines lose significant portion of their net profit to resin overshoot. This is unavoidable unless real-time data is available to monitor and control resin distribution during the production. Our resin-saving-solution, PlastiMeasure, provides real-time data to the operator to monitor and minimize the resin overshoot.

Our Core Values:


We maintain strong collaborative relationships with our clients, our team, and our community.


We create solutions for even the seemingly unsolvable.


We foster a culture of transparency and honesty.

Connect with Us:

For business inquiries:

Daryoosh Saeedkia, CEO
+1 (519) 584-9998 X. 101

For sales inquiries:

Trevor Dietrich, Sales Manager
+1 (519) 584-9998 X. 102

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