TeTechS Advances Thin Barrier Layer Thickness Measurement Capability

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Waterloo, ON, April 16, 2020 – TeTechS Inc. announced today it has successfully advanced its non-contact thin barrier layer thickness measurement capability down to 8 microns (0.0003 inch). TeTechS’ PlastiMeasure models PM1000 and PM3000 support this new thin barrier layer measurement capability. This advancement will allow rigid plastic manufacturers to rapidly and non-destructively measure the thickness of the barrier layer (EVOH, Nylon etc.) in their products with the push of a button.

With barrier layer resin costing 6X-8X more than base resins, manufacturers finally have a way to measure and optimize the barrier layer distribution and save significant amounts of costly barrier resin.



About TeTechS

TeTechS is a provider of terahertz metrology solutions to smart factories. TeTechS is at the forefront of an emerging metrology category utilizing terahertz waves.


Media Contact:
TeTechS Inc.
Suite 3, 170 Columbia St. West
Waterloo, Ontario N2L 3L3, Canada

Email: pr@tetechs.com

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