Terahertz & Plastics: A Perfect Pair

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There are some pairings in life that just make sense…like…peanut butter and jelly, orrrr macaroni and cheese (Mmm is anyone else getting hungry?).

And although we can’t easily whip up them up in the kitchen, terahertz waves and plastics are another perfect pairing that at the end of the day, just make sense.

Plastic manufacturers have long struggled with quality control practices that are either destructive, ineffective, time-consuming or a combination of all three. But like the perfect jar of jelly, terahertz waves have taken the stage as the ideal match for plastic quality control.

But what makes terahertz powered solutions different from current techniques?

1. Terahertz waves measure multiple layers of plastic

Traditional techniques such use of a magna mike probe are labour-intensive, contact based and restricted to mono-layer plastics due to the fact that they can only be used to measure overall wall thickness of the sample under test.

Terahertz waves on the other hand can measure and identify multiple layers in multi-layer plastic bottles, containers and even plastic medical tubes.

2. …And do it non-destructively to boot!

With a need to measure the individual layers within multi-layer plastic structures, destructive cutting techniques have traditionally been implemented. Time-consuming, wasteful and prone to human-error, this technique involves the manual cutting of the sample followed by peeling and measuring each layer individually – sounds exhausting just reading about it, doesn’t it?

Terahertz-powered solutions such as PlastiMeasure™, eliminate the need for destructive testing by providing the measurements required in a quick, accurate, reliable and non-destructive manner.

3. They can see through the “un-seeable-through”

Plastic products not only come in all shapes and sizes but also in a variety of colours, transparencies and opacity levels; but how do you see through something that can’t be, well, seen through?

Unlike traditional techniques such as infrared, terahertz waves can penetrate opaque materials to provide the same precise results as with a translucent or transparent sample.

4. Most importantly, terahertz waves are the quickest and most reliable way to measure plastics

The top reason that terahertz and plastic make a perfect pair is that when it comes to thickness measurement, terahertz metrology solutions provide an unprecedented level of speed and accuracy compared to current methods and techniques. By negating the need for time-consuming manual cutting, the traditional challenges that manufacturers face are replaced by precise results in a matter of seconds.

SO, like some of our long-time favourite combos, terahertz waves and plastics just make sense; and, with terahertz powered metrology solutions solving the struggles of plastic manufacturers, this dynamic duo will continue to make waves in thickness measurement for years to come.

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