Are You Smarter Than A Factory?

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Industry 4.0 is ushering in the Smart Factory – and terahertz waves are coming along for the ride


In the past several years, the internet has made its mark beyond the realm of computer screens and has brought once-inanimate objects to life within homes, businesses and industries alike. From Smart TVs, Smart cars and everything in between, the internet has brought a new level of accessibility and data management to our society to quite literally revolutionize the way we live, work and play.

While this “Smart” trend continues to evolve as a result of the leaps and bounds made within the IoT (Internet of Things)  and IIOT (Industrial Internet of Things) spheres, it is beginning to cause a shift in even the largest of industries.

Manufacturing has long been an industry of focus when it comes to finding ways to evolve, improve and streamline; and, although it’s been about 175+ years since the Industrial Revolution, a new revolution has taken center stage…

Igniting the dawn of the Smart Factory, Industry 4.0 is set to revolutionize, modernize and “data-nize” the way manufacturers produce their products. With a global market value of $52 billion dollars, the Smart Factory is the undeniable future of manufacturing and will bring with it countless benefits to companies, employees and consumers alike.

So what exactly characterizes a “Smart Factory” and what does this high-tech future mean for high-tech terahertz solutions like ours?

The ability to collect data and then use this data to improve and streamline current practices is what puts the “Smart” in “Smart Factories”. The connectivity that goes hand-in-hand with this sort of futuristic facility, means that beyond production, Smart Factories improve areas such as planning, logistics and product development (Otto Motors, “What is the smart factory…”).

Solutions such as PlastiMeasure and TeraGauge, are the perfect high-tech match for these high-tech factories. By integrating terahertz waves, plastic manufacturers for example could quickly and efficiently measure entire batches or shots of their product and then use the resultant data to manage product production, optimize manpower, minimize waste and ultimately save money.

Finding ways to merge technology and the data it creates is the way of the very near future for manufacturers of plastic containers, medical tubes, and so much more.

Ensuring we’re a ready with leading terahertz-powered solutions? Well, that’s just “Smart”.

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