Modestly Modular: TeTechS’ THz-PCAs

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When you’ve got something that you think is pretty awesome, it’s easy to get caught up in the “what” and overlook the “how”. Here at TeTechS, we find ourselves so caught up in our technology and the great things it can do that we forget to recognize the real heroes of our terahertz-powered solutions: terahertz photoconductive antennas.

At the core of each of our products like our terahertz measurement kit, are a pair of TeTechS terahertz photoconductive antennas – or THz-PCAs for short – which generate and detect terahertz light and basically ensure our technology is operating how we intend.

With a long-standing history of being “too elusive” for everyday use, THz-PCAs have proven to be one of the most promising types of sources and detectors to generate and utilize terahertz waves to address real-world problems.

But with a name like “terahertz photoconductive antennas” (11 syllables ain’t bad, right?), it’s safe to say that building these compact devices is a bit of a challenge – which is exactly why we began offering them as one of our solutions over a decade ago!

Since THz-PCAs contain several teeny, tiny optical components that need to be precisely aligned, it is often challenging for researchers to build and package these devices for optimum operation – which ironically, takes away from the research they are trying to focus on in the first place!

Additionally, from our own experiences (*ahem*), we know that the optical components within the devices can get a little damaged in a lab while experimenting with new things. Whether a too-high voltage is applied by mistake or the optical power is a little too excessive and burns the device, having the option to replace components versus the entire antenna was our main goal when designing our THz-PCAs.

SO, with that in mind, we developed our fully packaged and functional THz-PCAs to be compact, cost-efficient, and most importantly, modular.

The result? THz-PCAs with amazingly high signal-to-noise ratio (we’ve got the testimonials to back it up!) that can have key components replaced quickly and at an affordable cost to ensure researchers and industries alike can continue their work. PLUS with a patented enclosure design that houses our own semiconductor material grown at the University of Waterloo’s QNC MBE facility, our THz-PCAs really are one of a kind!

At the heart of our business and our various solutions, the story of these little devices is one we are proud of, one we know resonates with our customers and one that we will continue to share for years to come.

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