Tips & Tricks: Setting Up a THz-TDS Setup in Half a Day

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Until recent years, the real-world applications for terahertz technology have largely been unknown but today, terahertz technology is an ever-evolving and penetrating force that is making its mark across research labs and industries alike.

The Problem

Research surrounding terahertz waves and their various real-world applications are increasing; however, working with these elusive waves is still fairly new and niche. As a result, sourcing the right components and ensuring a proper setup and layout for conducting terahertz-powered research is essential – though, not always easy. Time-consuming and ripe with troubleshooting challenges, researchers are tasked with not only finding costly components to meet their needs, but also with the proper setup of the system to measure photocurrents effectively.

The Solution

Solutions such as TeTechS’ terahertz measurement kit are a ready-to-use, one-stop-shop alternative to an otherwise monotonous sourcing and set-up task. With kits currently in research labs around the globe, we’ve compiled some helpful
tips and tricks that TeTechS implements to ensure an efficient THz-TDS setup can always be achieved quickly.

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