Plastic Challenges Get a PlastiMeasure™ Solution

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Waterloo, ON, October 4, 2018 –  Terahertz metrology solutions company, TeTechS Inc., has developed a solution to become a revolutionizing player in multi-billion-dollar plastic container industry. PlastiMeasure™, a fully automated non-destructive thickness measurement system for plastic bottles, containers and preforms, has emerged out of the company’s core terahertz measurement technology as the answer to current quality control challenges facing the plastic industry.

The ability to effectively detect and measure individual layers, including barrier layers, within multi-layer plastic bottles and containers is an essential step to ensure consistent product quality. However current techniques are highly destructive, ineffective, and time-consuming.

TeTechS’ PlastiMeasure™ is a fast, non-contact, non-destructive solution that quickly measures the individual layer thickness of plastic bottles and containers. The only solution on the market that can measure both opaque and translucent plastics, PlastiMeasure boasts high-precision in conducting measurements of layers ranging in thickness from 0.008 mm to 30 mm in a matter of seconds.

PlastiMeasure not only enables users to effectively determine individual layer thickness but allows them to locate and measure the costly, ultra-thin barrier layer within multi-layer structures. PlastiMeasure is powered by TeTechS’ core terahertz measurement technology, TeraGauge™, rendering it capable of integration into off-line, at-line, or in-line systems at manufacturing facilities.

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About TeTechS

TeTechS is a provider of terahertz metrology solutions to smart factories. TeTechS is at the forefront of an emerging metrology market category utilizing terahertz waves. TeTechS’ PlastiMeasure is revolutionizing material distribution process control in plastic manufacturing industry by leveraging the unique characteristics of TeTechS’ state-of-the-art terahertz measurement technology to automatically and non-destructively measure multi-layer and wall thickness in both opaque and translucent plastics with the push of a button.

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