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OCE Funding Awarded to TeTechS and the University of Waterloo


Waterloo, ON, September 22, 2016 – Partnering technology and science, measurement solutions company TeTechS will continue to collaborate with the University of Waterloo thanks to the Ontario Centre for Excellence (OCE). With a two-year commitment of $300,000 from the OCE, innovation and leadership will be top of mind as TeTechS and UW work together to catalyze industry-shifting technology.

The OCE supports projects that are powered by an “industry-academia collaboration” and have the potential for significant impact within Ontario. This is the second round of funding that TeTechS and the University of Waterloo’s Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE) group will receive and the money will support the development and expansion of TeTechS’ product line, giving the company a significant competitive advantage.

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The OCE funding will facilitate a breakthrough in the next generation of measurement gauges for TeTechS

The project will be overseen by TeTechS, along with MBE expert Prof. Zbig Wasilewski and his research group. It will build upon the nearly two years of experience that resulted in the successful development of semiconductor materials for TeTechS’ current line of terahertz measurement systems. This round of OCE funding will allow the MBE facility at the University of Waterloo to develop new semiconductor materials for TeTechS – ultimately enabling them to use Telecom wavelength lasers and optics to build fiber optic coupled measurement gauges.

The resultant end-user product will be cost-efficient, small in size, and utilized for high-speed, in-line quality control and inspection applications that are powered by terahertz – something that currently does not exist.

“Receiving this OCE funding will allow us to continue our strategic partnership with the University of Waterloo and that’s really the best case scenario for us,” says TeTechS founder and CEO, Daryoosh Saeedkia. “The terahertz technology that powers our solutions is unique, innovate and making waves in a way that terahertz has never done before; working with Professor Wasilewski and his team ensures that our technology is the best it can be and in a position to make an impact whether in a lab, in Ontario, or in any other place in the world.”

About TeTechS
Founded in 2010, TeTechS is a leading innovator and provider of advanced measurement solutions for scientific and industrial applications. Our solutions draw on the distinctive characteristics of leading terahertz technology to develop measurement solutions to challenges that cannot be addressed by visible, infrared and x-ray technologies. TeTechS’ TeraGauge™ is the first Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) gauge powered by terahertz for the $18 Billion NDT market. For more information on TeTechS, please visit


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