There’s No “I” in Team

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(or in TeTechS!)

Have you ever noticed that some of the best insights about working together, come from sports teams? Google it – we’re not making this stuff up!

We at TeTechS are most definitely NOT professional athletes, but we can’t help but wonder if there is a science to the motivational words that players hear before they skate onto the ice to score some touchdowns or whatever they’re called (just kidding…we’re not THAT bad!).

Think about it, in sports, players need to demonstrate trust, support, dedication and communication to succeed in coming together as one unit.

Much of the same can be said about working together in a less-athletic setting too – like at a measurement solutions company for instance (like us!).


A few of our team members on Employee Appreciation Day!

On March 4, our team at TeTechS came together for our first official “Employee Appreciation Day”. Although we appreciate our team and their individual contributions every day, recognizing that fact as a collective group allowed us to learn from each other, ask questions about individual projects and leave with a clearer sense of unity.

We know that our people are one of our greatest assets and making sure they feel appreciated daily ensures we are working as a united front.

So, what makes a TeTechS employee feel appreciated at work?

  • The people they work alongside: acting as leaders in their individual roles, everyone is hard working and dedicated to the success of the company while also caring about eachother’s ideas and taking the time to get to know their fellow team members.
  • The challenges that excite them: possessing unique, highly-curated skills, our TeTechS staff feel most appreciated when we challenge them to put those skills to use! Feeling like they are applying their expertise while simultaneously learning, confirms that they are valued and essential to the company’s success.
  • The technology we’re built upon: knowing that they are working with a technology that is cutting edge, high-potential and poised to make a difference leaves TeTechS employees feeling valuable in the impact they make on a day-to-day basis. Witnessing their contributions and suggestions turn into solutions and results, brings a whole new level of satisfaction and appreciation to their experience as key team members.Blog

From new hires, to seasoned pros, long-time engineers to students, the feelings are pretty unanimous. When we asked our team what makes them feel appreciated, there was no mention of rewards or showy recognition; but rather, what makes our employees feel most appreciated is a direct result of them, their efforts and their pride in their work.

We spend ALOT of time with the people we work with and whether that is at a measurement solutions company like TeTechS or maybe where you’re sitting right now, it is important to your happiness to feel heard, respected and included . Knowing that our team feels all of those things daily? Well, that’s just like scoring a home run in the bottom of the last quarter! (Ooops – we mean inning…)

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