All-in-One Kits Make Terahertz A Fit For Any Lab

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Waterloo, January 19, 2016 – With the click of a button, terahertz technology is now accessible for universities and colleges around the world. Measurement solutions provider, TeTechS, made this a reality with the launch of their innovative measurement kits earlier this month. The two kits are specifically designed for terahertz research and education, bringing a new level of accessibility and efficiency to the field.

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 Image of TeTechS’ Fiber-Coupled Measurement Kit

TeTechS’ measurement kits utilize high-quality components to provide a customizable solution for research labs and post-secondary classrooms. Both kits include all optical and electronic components as well as respective lasers to make them a one-stop-source for researchers and educators working with terahertz.

The fiber-coupled kit allows advanced optics labs in post-secondary institutions to demonstrate terahertz and optical measurements to students. Whereas the air-coupled kit is ideal for academic research, allowing researchers to custom build their own terahertz time-domain setups and have them assembled and ready in 20 minutes. More information on both kits including key features and associated costs is available on TeTechS’ website.

“By offering ready-made measurement kits, we’re providing a time-saving, cost-effective option for terahertz research and education,” says Daryoosh Saeedkia, CEO of TeTechS. “Students will reap the benefits of having hands-on experiences and researchers will be able to complete their labs with ease and flexibility with just a few clicks of a mouse. The interest in terahertz is growing and this is the perfect opportunity to offer a solution that will drive research, education and the overall field of terahertz forward.”

About TeTechS

TeTechS is a Waterloo, Ontario based company and a leading innovator and provider of terahertz metrology solutions. Since 2010, TeTechS has drawn on the distinctive characteristics of leading-edge terahertz technology to develop measurement solutions to customer problems that cannot be addressed by other technologies such as visible, infrared and x-ray. TeTechS’ measurement technologies use terahertz waves to see through opaque barriers, find previously undetectable objects and defects as well as identify materials in mixtures and composites. For more information on TeTechS, please visit


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