TeTechS Launches New Terahertz Sensor System: “Vega 800”

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Waterloo, August 5, 2015 – Terahertz waves are beginning to be seen in everyday applications within a broad range of industries including the medical, security and manufacturing sectors. The full potential of terahertz waves is still unknown, but findings thus far have sparked a worldwide interest in the research and development of the technology. Recently launched, Vega 800 is a compact and cost-effective terahertz sensor system designed to harness unique properties of terahertz waves and aid in the further development of terahertz technology. Vega 800

Vega 800 was developed by terahertz sensor solutions company TeTechS and is based on terahertz photoconductive antenna technology. This single-frequency, portable system is capable of testing solids, powders, polymers, films and liquid samples for sensing and inspection applications. With selectable operation frequency, Vega 800 has moveable fibre-coupled transmitter and receiver heads, which can be mounted around the subject under test. These heads also have a pre-set collimated, or focused, terahertz beam between them that the user has access to.

“There are a lot of advancements and improvements that could be made with terahertz technology to not only industrial applications (you can read more about these here) but in our day-to-day lives that would benefit the average consumer. Industrial manufacturers could see an improvement in the quality control of their products by detecting previously undetectable objects and the public could communicate faster using terahertz bandwidth or feel at ease knowing they are not being exposed to harmful rays during medical imaging. Vega will allow for this technology to be further developed and explored – it will be exciting to see how terahertz changes the world,” says Daryoosh Saeedkia, CEO at TeTechS.

About TeTechS

TeTechS Inc. is a leading innovator of terahertz metrology solutions for industrial and scientific applications. TeTechS draws on the distinctive characteristics of leading-edge terahertz technology to develop unique sensor solutions that use terahertz waves to find previously undetectable objects and defects in advanced manufacturing processes. The terahertz sensors can see through opaque barriers to make objects and defects visible and can also identify materials in mixtures and composites by resolving their unique spectral signatures. This means that customer problems can be solved in ways that cannot be addressed by other technologies such as visible, infrared and x-ray sensors.TeTechS Inc. is on track to become the major terahertz sensor technology solutions provider to industries worldwide.


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