Starting Up a Start-Up: Our Time at the AC

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“Success starts at the AC.”

Our Founder and CEO Daryoosh Saeedkia had that to say when asked what one thing he would say to describe TeTechS’ experience at the Waterloo Accelerator Centre (the AC).


Our team with our newly unveiled plaque on the AC Graduates wall!

This past June, TeTechS graduated from the AC but we just recently were able to find the time to celebrate our accomplishments – the old adage “better later than never”, exists for a reason, right? But, such is life at a busy start-up!

Having the opportunity to acknowledge our achievements, allowed us to reflect on how far we’ve come. We determined that when it comes to our success, there are three undeniable contributing attributes:

  1. Our technology (of course),
  2. Our dedicated, ingenious team (obviously) and,
  3. Our time as “AC Clients” in the Accelerator Program.

We spent three and a half years as AC Clients and over the course of those years, were able to grow from a two-person company with a product demo, to a self-sustaining business with customers and a dynamic team.

In the areas that we were lacking, the team at the AC found room to thrive. We had access to experts in sales and marketing and were able to develop a strategic plan for moving forward. We were able to focus on our work and our vision for TeTechS and work collaboratively to make it a reality.

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Our new office (just down the street from the AC).

It was with the realization that our projects had grown to a point where a new space was needed to meet manufacturing needs, that our time with the AC drew to a close. We made the leap from AC Client to AC Grad with our marketing and sales strategy in motion, a product development and inventory management system in place, and the confidence to move to a point of self-sustainably and scale.

It is hard to capture exactly what we gained during our time at the AC: outside visibility, company structure and investor connections are just a few of the many. As we move forward into the exciting next stages we will always be grateful for the support we received from the Accelerator Centre when we were just starting out.

“Success starts at the AC” – there really is no better way to put it!

Interested in the Accelerator Centre? Learn more about their clients and programs on their website.

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