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TeTechS is a data and technology provider to plastic packaging companies, enabling them to save resin in real-time during production.

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Save Resin

Use real-time data on resin distribution to avoid resin overuse

Save Money

Increase profits by 8-12% per production line

Save the Planet

Deliver sustainable plastic packaging solutions

Why Saving Resin is Important?

Resin is the number one cost driver to plastic packaging companies. By avoiding resin overuse, customers can add 8%-12% to the profitability of a production line.

Eliminate resin overuse

Data recording

Data driven decision making

Real-time control

Increased profitability

Reduction in plastic waste

Resin Saving Solution

This new solution uses an enabling technology that continuously obtains resin distribution data from production lines.

This real-time data is used by operators to monitor and minimize resin overuse and avoid the loss.

PlastiMeasure is a fully automated and turnkey measurement solution that demonstrates both speed and precision to provide thickness measurements with an accuracy of 0.00004″ (1 micron) and a typical gauge R&R <5% with just the push of a button.

Users of PlastiMeasure can conduct repeatable and reproducible measurements of both mono-layer and multi-layer plastic bottles and containers in a matter of seconds to ultimately save time, lower costs, reduce waste and improve customer satisfaction.

Who We Are

TeTechS is a data and technology provider to plastic packaging companies enabling them to save resin in real-time during production.    

Case Study

Find out the potential savings for a typical production line producing rigid plastic containers with an EVOH oxygen barrier layer.


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