Plastic Bottle and Container Thickness Measurement

One of TeTechS’ core solutions is the TeraGauge™, a non-destructive testing gauge powered by terahertz waves™. This gauge is intended for industrial use and operates either as a standalone system or can be integrated by OEMs into an off-line, at-line or in-line solution. Multi-layer thickness measurement is just one of its many applications and is most pertinent to the plastic bottle/container industry.


Powered by TeraGauge™, PlastiMeasure is a non-destructive, multi-layer thickness measurement system for plastic bottles, containers and thin wall packaging.

Until now, plastic bottle and container manufacturers have been limited by invasive and/or destructive quality control practices. On the one hand, techniques such as use of the Hall effect are only capable of measuring overall thickness – something that is insufficient when base and barrier layers are involved. On the other hand, the manual cutting and measuring of plastic bottles is destructive, wasteful and susceptible to human error.

PlastiMeasure leverages the unique characteristics of terahertz technology to non-destructively measures base versus barrier layer thickness in both opaque and translucent plastics in a matter of seconds.


Powered by TeraGauge™, PlastiMeasure is an off-line system that demonstrates both speed and precision to provide measurements for layers thicker than 0.0008″ with an accuracy of ± 0.0003″ with just the push of a button.

TeTechS’ TeraGauge is a non-destructive thickness measurement gauge,powered by terahertz waves™

Users of PlastiMeasure can conduct repeatable, non-destructive measurements of both mono-layer and multi-layer plastic bottles and containers in a matter of seconds to ultimately save time, lower costs, reduce waste and improve customer satisfaction.

System Specifications:

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