About TeTechS:

(te · tech · s | tee-tek-es)


Founded in 2010, TeTechS is a provider of advanced measurement solutions for smart factories. Our solutions draw on the distinctive characteristics of leading terahertz technology to develop measurement solutions to industrial challenges that cannot be addressed by visible, infrared and x-ray technologies. TeTechS’ TeraGauge™ is a Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) gauge powered by terahertz waves for the multi-billion dollar NDT market.

About Our Technology:

Our measurement solutions are powered by terahertz waves. A form of light, terahertz waves fall along the electromagnetic spectrum between microwave and infrared.

The Electromagnetic Spectrum

Our solutions are unique in more ways than one.

Not only is TeTechS the only company in Canada that is commercializing on terahertz, our unique solutions are created and built within Silicon Valley North or the “Quantum Valley”: Waterloo, Ontario.

The QNC MBE Facility at the University of Waterloo

The QNC MBE Facility at the University of Waterloo

Our strategic partnership with the University of Waterloo grants us access to world-renowned research teams and state-of-the-art fab facilities in the fields of material science and device fabrication. This partnership, backed by support from strong public funding through organizations like NSERC, NRC-IRAP and the Ontario Centres of Excellence, enables us to develop and manufacture the highest performance active materials which are found at the heart of all our terahertz solutions.