FACTS and TeTechS Release Terahertz Gauge for On-Line Measurement of Sheet and Web Products

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FACTS Inc. and TeTechS Inc. combine to release the latest in on-line measurement technology for sheet and web applications. The FACTS Terahertz Gauge incorporates the TeTechS TeraGauge into a ruggedized scanning measurement system designed for industrial production environments. The Terahertz Gauge can measure both total thickness and individual layer thicknesses …

Thickness Measurement Steps Up its Game

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Conducting accurate thickness measurements is essential for ensuring consistent quality of products such as plastic bottles and containers; however, measurement techniques are often invasive, destructive, time-consuming and wasteful…. Read More

Bottle, container inspection units see technological gains – Plastics Machinery Magazine

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By Lisa Jo Lupo TECHNOLOGIES FOR the inspection and measurement of bottles and containers are makingblow molding operations even more efficient. Equipment can provide a range of quality-control checks, including thickness measurement and detection of leaks, contaminants, defects and stress. Many of the systems include rejection or alert systems and …

A Look Inside Advanced Materials Analysis – Chemical Engineering Magazine

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By Mary Page Bailey Testing and characterization techniques are rising to meet the demands of increasingly complex materials and applications Ensuring the integrity of materials is essential in the chemical process industries (CPI) for the continued maintenance of long-lifetime process equipment like vessels and pipelines, usually via nondestructive testing (NDT) …

Innovation through Collaboration

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OCE Funding Awarded to TeTechS and the University of Waterloo   Waterloo, ON, September 22, 2016 – Partnering technology and science, measurement solutions company TeTechS will continue to collaborate with the University of Waterloo thanks to the Ontario Centre for Excellence (OCE). With a two-year commitment of $300,000 from the …

Plastic Challenges Get a PlasThick™ Solution

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Waterloo, ON, May 4, 2016 –  Amongst the multi-billion-dollar plastic container industry, measurement solutions company, TeTechS Inc., has developed a technology to become a revolutionizing player. PlasThick™, a multi-layer thickness measurement system, has emerged out of the company’s core terahertz technology as the answer to current measurement challenges facing the …

The Proof is in the Patent

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Waterloo-Based Start-Up Receives First U.S Patents Waterloo, ON, February 22, 2016 – The obtaining and issuance of a U.S patent is a lengthy process but is one that ultimately serves to solidify the uniqueness of an invention. In the case of measurement solutions provider TeTechS, this confirmation came in the …

All-in-One Kits Make Terahertz A Fit For Any Lab

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Waterloo, January 19, 2016 – With the click of a button, terahertz technology is now accessible for universities and colleges around the world. Measurement solutions provider, TeTechS, made this a reality with the launch of their innovative measurement kits earlier this month. The two kits are specifically designed for terahertz …

TeTechS Launches New Terahertz Sensor System: “Vega 800”

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Waterloo, August 5, 2015 – Terahertz waves are beginning to be seen in everyday applications within a broad range of industries including the medical, security and manufacturing sectors. The full potential of terahertz waves is still unknown, but findings thus far have sparked a worldwide interest in the research and …