Employee Spotlight: Ayesheshim K. Ayesheshim

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Who is your biggest inspiration? A Hollywood celebrity? An Olympic athlete? How about the CEO of a successful tech company?

No matter who it is, the individual(s) who inspire us play an essential role in our lives and help shape our present and future selves into the types of people we aspire to be.

Although they may not always be as musically-inclined as Beyoncé, as fast as Usain Bolt or as social-media savvy as Mark Zuckerberg, those who inspire us, bring their own levels of unique greatness to our lives.

Meet Ayesheshim.

Joining our team in January 2016, Ayesheshim is TeTechS’ Optical Hardware Researcher and Developer (…yeah, try saying that 10 times fast!). Extremely knowledgeable and passionate about terahertz and physics, he also enjoys the simpler things in life liked delicious sushi, watching The Big Bang Theory and playing some good soccer.

Although Ayesheshim admits that his passion for physics was inspired by his fourth-grade math teacher, his greatest inspiration was found a little closer to home.

Motivating him, encouraging him and being his biggest supporter from childhood onward, Ayesheshim feels that it is his father who inspires him the most. Rewarding him with special prizes and helping to motivate him to becoming a top ranking student even in elementary school, Ayesheshim’s father helped to shape him into the dynamic professional that he is today by sparking an impressive educational journey that (lucky for us) has led him to TeTechS.

Growing up in Ethiopia, Ayesheshim first obtained a physics diploma from Bahir Dar Teachers College before becoming a teaching assistant at one of the top universities in Ethiopia: Alemaya University. Following four years of inspiring young physicist’s minds, Ayesheshim pursued his B.Sc. in applied physics at Addis Ababba University before setting his sights on Canada in 2006. Attending the University of Alberta to complete his Masters and PhD, Ayesheshim focused on condensed matter physics with a specialization in real-time terahertz imaging (phew!).

From Grade 4 to his PhD, Ayesheshim’s journey has been driven by an undeniable love for learning and education – and of course, by the support of his father. Today, Ayesheshim applies his deep understanding of physics and terahertz to a never-the-same-day-twice culture at TeTechS. Fueled by (and thankful for) coffee, Ayesheshim enjoys the fast-paced and often demanding challenges of his work which involves building, developing and characterizing terahertz measurement kits and TeTechS’ TeraGauge.

Whether their names are known around the world or the spotlight that shines on them is a little more personal, the people who inspire us play an essential role in shaping our lives. For Ayesheshim, his father’s encouragement helped him succeed as a student and as the professional he is today – and that’s pretty inspiring (and fortunate) for us!

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