Clean & Green: Earth Day 2017

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Although we do our best every day to make choices that keep our planet and its precious resources in tip top shape, one day in particular gives us cause to treat Mother Earth a little extra special.

April 22nd has been recognized as Earth Day since it was first celebrated in the United States in 1970. Catalyzed by a treacherous oil spill in California, the first Earth Day brought together thousands of Americans to discuss real issues plaguing the environment (learn more here).

Today, individuals, companies and industries from around the world are all taking steps to ensure our planet and its precious resources are enjoyed for years to come. From carpooling and reusable water bottles to terahertz technology that helps manufacturers reduce plastic waste, every action big or small is making a positive impact.

So how will you make an impact this Earth Day? If April 22nd arrived faster than you expected, here are 3 quick, easy and impactful activities you, your family and your place of work can do in recognition of Earth Day.

Plan a clean up

For our second year in a row, we will be partnering with our neighbouring companies to clean up our community (and of course rewarding everyone with a beer and snacks afterwards!).

But whether on your own or with a team, conducting a neighbourhood walk to clean up is a great way to not only enjoy the outdoors, but keep things looking clean and green! Plus, you can contact your local municipality for supplies and supporting materials to ensure everyone is picking up garbage safely and disposing of it properly.

The more you know…the more you know!  

Throwing things back to 1970, a “teach-in” is a great option for participating in this year’s Earth Day which is themed around environmental and climate literacy.

EarthDay.Org believes that “education is the foundation for progress”; so why not do a little reading and spark some engaging conversations surrounding climate change this Earth Day? Download some free material here.

Refresh your recycling program

This year for Earth Day, we are giving a much needed face lift to our office’s recycling program. Between multiple bins and figuring out what can and can’t be recycled, it can get a little confusing!

You can quickly refresh your recycling program for Earth Day to ensure everyone in your office and household can easily determine how to dispose of their waste properly. Check with your local municipality for a detailed list of recyclables then highlight designated bins and add colourful signs to makes things as easy as possible!

Although we strive to take care of our planet each and every day, Earth Day serves as a great opportunity for taking on new initiates for the coming year. With so many great options for celebrating our planet, how will you recognize Earth Day in 2017?


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