5 Reasons Why Terahertz Tech is the Next Big Thing

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Every now and then, a hot new trend emerges out of nowhere to take the world by storm and give renewed life to the phrase “keeping up with the Joneses” (we’re looking at you, selfie sticks!).

And, whether you’re a Jones, a Smith or a [insert your last name here], human nature makes each of us susceptible to the latest craze whether we embrace it or not.

Well, not to toot our own horns or anything, but in the world of technology, terahertz powered solutions have long been enduring the slow climb to popularity and are closing in on becoming the “next big thing” — orrrr at least something you should keep an eye on.

So, trendsetters/watchers/everyone else –  take note! Here are the…

5 Reasons Why Terahertz Tech is the Next Big Thing:

1. It’s Disruptive

Alongside things like IoT and big data, terahertz was dubbed one of nine disruptive technologies that are changing our world.

This means that even if you don’t fully understand what the heck terahertz is or what it does, the use-cases for the technology are vast, relevant, and in demand.

2. It’s Better Than a Super Power

Move aside x-ray specs, terahertz waves can see through and identify materials such as plastic, glass, ceramic, wood, fabric, and more, based off of the material’s unique “fingerprint”.

3. It’s Applicable

From non-destructive testing and quality control of essential products like plastic containers and medical tubes to improving security in airports and even bolstering up the speed in which we communicate, chances are terahertz will make an impact on something in your life.

4. It Tops Tradition

Out with the old, in with the terahertz waves? The increasing popularity of terahertz technology is due largely in part to the unique characteristics of the waves that enable them to do things that traditional technologies such as x-ray and infrared cannot.

5. It Has the Numbers to Back It Up!

For a technology that is still considered to be “emerging”, the terahertz technology market is expected to reach nearly $500 million over the next few years. As applications for the technology become realized and more and more industries begin adopting terahertz powered solutions, this number will undoubtedly continue to climb rapidly.

There you have it! Although terahertz may not take the world by storm like platform shoes or Gangnam Style, it is a technology with vast opportunity to completely revolutionize multiple industries.

And that makes it pretty big to us already!

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