Employee Spotlight: Larysa Shchukina

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When asked the question: “what is your biggest accomplishment in life?”, what comes to mind?

Most people list off things like their education, a first-place trophy in [insert sport name here], that employee of the month plaque hanging in the lunch room, or maybe even all of the above – pfft, overachievers! But for some, their greatest accomplishment extends beyond having their name in lights and leaves them with a sense of pride that no piece of paper, plastic cup or framed photo could ever replace.

Meet Larysa.

Engineer, programmer, lover of Thai food, and our first female STEM employee, Larysa is a dedicated team member and the type of person who without hesitation, would give her “what-if” lottery winnings to those in need.

Above all else however, Larysa is a mother who declares that her biggest accomplishment in life is her family and her children, daughter Alina and son Roman.

For Larysa, being a mother, is one of life’s greatest accomplishments; but, it doesn’t always land you with a coveted #1 Mom trophy (although we’re sure you could buy one on Amazon! *hint hint* Alina and Roman!). Instead however, it results in intangible rewards like unconditional love, happiness and appreciation, which Larysa knows is even better!

Outside of her family,  Larysa’s educational background is something else to be proud of as she attended three (!!!) different post-secondary institutions in both Ukraine and Canada. From studying at the Kharkiv Polytechnical University where she received a Bachelor of Science in engineering to attending the Toronto School of Business for Object Oriented Programming and finally, taking courses at Conestoga College for C# programming, Larysa’s educational resume is top notch.

Putting her education and experience to good use, a typical day at TeTechS for Larysa includes coding, testing, more coding andddd more coding after that. Even though she’s still one our newest team members, Larysa’s favourite parts about working at TeTechS are the innovative technology she gets to work with every day and our cohesion as a team (which is exactly what we like to hear!).

Since joining our team this past November, Larysa has quickly become an essential member of our own TeTechS family. From her strong knowledge and skill set to her warm disposition, we feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to support wonderful women like Larysa, who are working in STEM and inspiring innovation.

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