Trade Show Takeaways: K 2016

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Oct_Blog2_1Let’s get philosophical for a second. Would you rather…
Be a big fish in a small pond? OR a small fish in a big pond?

When we were invited to demonstrate our thickness measurement technology inside one of Milacron’s booths at K 2016, we definitely had that small-fish-big-pond complex.

The K show is the world’s largest plastics and rubber trade show that happens only once every 3 years. With over 3000 exhibitors and over 200 000+ attendees, K 2016 brought together the best of the best in innovative technology and products for the plastic and rubber industry. As an added bonus to us, we were fortunate enough to display our technology alongside Milacron, a global leader within the plastic technology and processing industry.

While we might have felt like a small fish going into the K show, we came home feeling pretty big!

Here are a few takeaways from our time in Dusseldorf, Germany at K 2016:

1) Meet Demands

It is one thing to have a shiny new piece of technology, it is another thing completely if that shine gives way to something truly innovative that not only meets a need, but meets a demand. With our thickness measurement system, we did just that.

Powered by TeTechS’ TeraGauge™, a non-destructive testing gauge powered by terahertz waves, our solution proved to be something new, exciting and innovative for K 2016 attendees. We were able to quickly determine that attendees hate the traditional cutting inspection methods and were excited by the prospect of a quick and non-destructive solution.

2) Consistency is Key

With hundreds of thousands of attendees at an event that spanned across more than a dozen halls, we had to stand out in a very large and busy crowd.

We knew we had an exciting product on our hands but proving that it was able to deliver great, consistent results thousands of times over added to our credibility and catalyzed our success at K2016.

3) It’s all about “who you know” (only gets you so far!)

Oct_Blog2_3A huge reason why K was such a success for us was our location within one of Milacron’s amazing booths. We were able to gain visibility and had a volume of attendee traffic that we would unlikely have achieved on our own – remember: small fish, big pond.

But who you know, can only take you so far.

We were able to deliver, excite and generate buzz that extended beyond the walls of our location because we presented a genuinely desired product. Being within Milacron’s booth definitely was a huge plus for us, but it would not have meant nearly as much if weren’t able to consistently meet a demand with a unique and innovative solution.


All in all, K 2016 was our best trade show yet! We were able to make a pretty big splash for being such a lean company and came home with valuable insights and an expanded network.

Moving forward, we know there will always be new things to learn and new experiences to be had –  and we can’t wait!

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