Production of High Quality Tablets are Now Feasible Using Terahertz Pulse Imaging

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Recent developments in THz technology which led to the compact and efficient THz sources and detectors are opening up new avenues for pharmaceutical applications.  THz Pulse Imaging (TPI), one of the new methods for coherent non-invasive imaging which employs both amplitude and phase of the THz signal, has demonstrated promising results in characterization of the physical properties of the coating layers on tablets. The coating layers control dissolution of tablets which has significant impact on bioavailability and clinical performance of tablets. They also act as a shelf to prevent degradation of tablets under different environmental conditions. A variety of physical properties such as thickness uniformity, coating density, and surface roughness can be characterized through TPI. By introducing this technique in manufacturing process, the significant parameters of the coating layer can be precisely monitored and tuned to produce high quality tablets. As a result of non-invasive and non-destructive THz imaging, the inspection of tablets can be performed at multiple times to investigate the stability of the coating layers too. Interestingly, this technique is applicable for more complex and multilayers structures such as sugar-coated tablets as it is shown in the picture.


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