The Healing Power of Terahertz Waves

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Passing through different materials such as cloths, paper, and wood is not the only characteristic of the mystic terahertz radiation, could they also possess a healing power? Researchers in SHIMA Institution for Quantum Medicine (SIQM) have studied the effect of terahertz waves on the suppression of cancer cell growth. It is interesting that this study was inspired by investigating the medical effect of royal jelly on patients with cancer. According to recent studies, royal jelly (a substance secreted by the honey bee to feed the larvae and the adult queens) fights cancer and improves blood health. In an answer to the invigorating power of royal jelly, researchers at SIQM paid attention to the far infrared rays emitted by beehives. Conducting experiments on the interaction of terahertz radiation and cancer cells shows the strong effect of these radiations in the suppression of cancer cell growth. The results of these experiments are published in Nature Precedings.

Dr. Hiroki Shima has recently published a book entitled “Here the Essence of your Health! –What is Terahertz/Quantum Wave Therapy?” regarding his research on the healing power of Terahertz rays for human body. In the end, it is mentioned that, the health effect of terahertz waves is still common grounds for discussion (for example see “How Terahertz Waves Tear Apart DNA”).

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