Application of THz Time-Domain Spectroscopy in the Fashion Industry

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Researchers in UK National Physical Laboratory have recently shown a technique to identify natural and artificial textiles using THz spectroscopy. The results of this study published in Applied Optics can greatly help detect and prevent fraud. In the fashion industry, counterfeit clothing costs designer brands billions alone in lost revenue. For example British fashion companies such as Burberry lose up to $5.4 Billion a year to counterfeit clothing and shoes. This technique allows customs officers to differentiate between genuine and counterfeit goods by comparing the measured radiation patterns with those available in the genuine goods database. In the time-domain spectroscopy, the properties of a material are investigated using short pulses of terahertz radiation. A sample of fabric is placed in front of this radiation and the transmitted terahertz is measured using a sensitive detector. Sample fabric affects both the amplitude and the phase of the terahertz radiation. Due to the different rates of beam scattering and absorption, each fabric shows a distinct transmission pattern and essentially a specific signature. This method is a fast, safe, and reliable technique to identify different materials.


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